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NEXTrack® Transportation Collaboration Portal - "Visibility is Key"

  • Do you and your customers wonder where in the world your shipments are at?
  • Do you want to electronically dispatch loads to your carrier base?
  • Do you want to have carriers update shipment status via the web?
  • Do you want a single point of aggregation for all status updates?
  • Do you want to audit freight bill payables and carrier settlement via the web?
If you answered yes to any of the above, you need NEXTrack® !
  • Written in HTML5 and with an automated interface with Dynamics TMS®, this software can be added to your existing web site and allow your customers to get transportation status updates on a real time basis using secured logon with user name and password protection.
  • Carriers can receive loads via the Web, Accept/Reject loads, and provide status updates, invoice and settlement via the Internet resulting in real time collaboration with your partners.
  • This software is written so that it can interface with any Cloud Service Provider.
  • Reduce the burden on your order department by letting your customers answer (self-service) their own questions on line, anytime, from any web browser!
NEXTrack Portal