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28 Years, 3 Ways to Service: Welcome to Our New Blog!

by Aristides P Smith  09/16/2016

For 28 years, Next Generation Logistics (NGL) has been a leader in supply chain services and technology solutions. Through this new blog, we want to keep you informed about industry news, trends, and what we are doing at NGL to stay at the forefront.

Our expertise

At NGL, we have three areas of expertise to help you grow your organization and become more efficient: managed services, transportation management software, and supply chain consulting. Within these areas, we offer company leaders like you a wide variety of options and services to choose from, allowing you to utilize those most beneficial to you.

Managed transportation programs and services

We tailor NGL transportation management programs to your needs and allow you to focus on managing your company while we handle the commodity pieces. We offer

- needs analysis,
- Return-on-investment calculation,
- System configuration,
- implementation, and
- user training and support programs structured to fit your requirements and corporate culture.

Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) software

We created our software to help supply chain leaders make effective and efficient business decisions. We utilize the most current, agile development tools to build our software, which provides real-time visibility into the supply chain with three unique model choices for your company.

1. On-Premise

2. Hosted On-Premise

3. Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)

Logistics consulting services

With well over two decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and perspective to help you implement realistic solutions for your company. Using our OptiNet network modeling software, we can analyze networks and help you find ways to reduce your overall supply chain costs.

First-hand experience and knowledge, brought directly to you

For 28 years, we have helped business leaders with supply chain services and technology. We cover best practices in schedule optimization, carrier selection, routes, loads, and transactions. Other topics to look out for include analysis of costs, mergers, and acquisitions affecting supply channels, inventory management, contract and permit management for compliance, and market indicators and intelligence that may impact your commodity strategy. With three ways to serve you  supply chain consulting, managed services, and transportation management software,  we can provide you with the information, tools, and services you need to drive your business to success.

To learn more about Next Generation Logistics supply chain software, including FreightMaster TMS®, Dynamics TMS®, and our additional services, contact us at +1 847-963-0007, visit our website, or email us.