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Next Generation Logistics, Inc.

Next Generation Logistics, Inc

Next Generation Logistics, Inc. (NGL) founded in 1988, is a leader in supply chain services and technology solutions.

The company has 3 distinct divisions focusing on outsourced managed transportation services, transportation management software (TMS), and supply chain network optimization studies.

NGL is a USA based company, owned by it's managers and managed by it's owners, with no foreign ownership or outsider investment that can adversely influence corporate policies and direction. As energy prices continue their exponential rise in cost, the need for high quality assistance in planning, organizing, implementing, influencing and controlling new supply chain concepts utilizing technology is accelerating. Our business is based on the economic premise that our customers can obtain single source, expert supply chain advice, services and modern technology at reasonable prices.

Company Info

  • Company Type

    Privately Held

  • Company Size

    11-50 Employees.

  • Industry

    Supply Chain Technology

    Transportation Management Software (TMS)

    Managed Transportation Services

    Supply Chain Network Optimization

  • Founded

    August, 1988

  • Flagship Products

    FreightMaster TMS®

    Dynamics TMS®

    NEXTrack Internet Collaboration Portal

  • All Products

    FreightMaster TMS®, Dynamics TMS®, AzureTMS®, FreightMaster Express™, NGLNEXTStop™, FoodFreight™, OptiNet™, OptiFreight™, FreightMaster AMS™ and NEXTrack® are trademarks of Next Generation Logistics®


We Specialize in:

Supply Chain Network Optimization, Managed Lead Transportation Services, Transportation Software Solutions.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To be an organization that is innovative, and a leader in identifying and adapting new techniques and technologies for our customers.
  • To be an organization that provides its customers recommendations and solutions that are unbiased by potential economic gains from outside suppliers.
  • To be an organization that retains highly qualified personnel, provides for their career development, and establishes programs that provide a high degree of personal and family economic security.
  • To keep ownership and control of our company in the hands of its employees.
  • To maintain a financially strong business earning a reasonable profit, which is the only way we can provide security for our personnel, continue quality service for our customers, and reward our shareholders.
  • To be an organization that has a passion for excellence in every activity we conduct.

Dynamics TMS® Transportation Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics™ ERP

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics®  ERP such as NAV or GP software. Ask for a demo of Dynamics TMS and watch the smiles on your users faces !

FreightMaster TMS® Transportation Management Solution for Non-Microsoft ERP Software

Are you using a home grown legacy ERP or you are contemplating a move to a new ERP platform ? Maybe you looked at the functionality of the Enterprise ERP Software and it leaves much to be desired. Ask for a demo of our easy to use, function rich FreightMaster TMS and watch the smiles on your users faces !

Managed Transportation Services

We offer a wide variety of transportation management programs, tailored to specific needs. Solutions include a needs analysis, ROI calculation, BI tools, system configuration and implementation structured to fit requirements and corporate cultures. Viewing companies as partners, working to maximize.

ALK PC-Miler / PC-Rail / Co-Pilot

All FreightMaster TMS and Dynamics TMS Software Solutions are 100% interfaced with ALK Products PC*Miler:PC*MILER is truck routing, mileage and mapping software for the transportation and logistics industry. Arm your company with the most intelligent truck routing, commercial mapping and mileage.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Have you noticed how certain companies all of sudden become supply chain experts overnight ? Our company has over 26 years of hands on expertise in Supply Chain, Managed Freight Services and Software with fortune 100 and SMB firms. We provide unique perspectives of business processes to implement.

Transportation Benefits Realization Service

Benefits do not just happen. They don't just automatically appear when a new software solution is delivered, it evolves over time as people learn to use it. Benefits rarely happen according to plan. A forecast of benefits to support the business case for an investment is just an early estimate.