B2B Service Overview

NGL Software Solutions™ - B2B Corporate Software Development

Your USA Based B2B Software Development Company

Leverage our 28+ years of software development experience and Microsoft Certifications, companies can leverage our developer's expertise for assistance with existing or new software projects.

With extremely competitive rates, we offer software development services from consulting, design and integration into existing or new applications.

NGL B2B services

  • Most companies want to do business with other well established companies !
  • IT needs to use the latest application development tools in their projects.
  • Companies are frustrated with "off shoring" projects to save money only to find out that what they thought was a great deal is really not because it has to be redone.
  • There is a huge concern that Corporate intellectual property might be compromised.
  • Many so called "independent" contractors are here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Are "Easter Eggs" and "Back Doors" in your code ?
  • IT decides to source developers within the US and are discouraged with the unreasonably high fees and hit or miss quality of code.
  • Little or no post project support.
  • Virtually no technical or user documentation.
  • User training becomes an issue.
  • Use of "Agile" programming techniques
  • Infragistics, Telerik, Visual Studio tools
  • Deep expertise in Windows 2012/2014/2016 & SQL Servers
  • Web services integrationC#, .NET4.5, ASP.NET, HTML5 Development
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - Applications Development

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