Transportation Provider & Carrier Contract Terms

Next Generation Logistics, Inc. (NGL) is a licensed property broker and shipper's agent which serves commercial shippers, providing logistics services including, but not limited to supply chain consulting, freight optimization, managed contracted freight programs, rate negotiation, carrier selection, claims tracing and software development.

NGL is compensated for its services solely by its shipper customers pursuant to written bilateral contracts and does not hold out to provide transportation to its shipper customers or to guarantee the payment of freight charges to motor carrier or third party providers.

In the ordinary course of its business, NGL will qualify properly licensed and insured transportation providers and on behalf of its customers, negotiate long term and spot market rates which will be reflected on signed written agreements or load confirmation sheets that shall incorporate the terms and conditions found on this web site.

Service Terms and Conditions

1. All shipments are tendered to qualified transportation providers and motor carriers by NGL acting as a disclosed agent for its customers.

2. All carriers transporting shipments pursuant to load confirmation sheets sent by NGL agree to transport shipments in a timely manner as shown thereon from origin to destination, subject to the terms and conditions of the standard truckload bill of lading.

3. At all times, NGL acts as the disclosed agent for its shipper to whom carrier has sole recourse for payment of all freight charges.

4. All invoices shall be sent to NGL as agent. NGL will transmit invoices with PODs to its shipper principal for payment.

5. NGL will comply with the broker regulations found at 49 U.S.C. 371 and will receive payments from its customers in trust and upon receipt transmit same to the authorized service provider, endeavoring to transmit payments to motor carriers within 30 days of receipt of invoice or the contracted payment terms.

6. In the event NGL elects to advance freight charges to motor carriers or to pay any motor carrier prior to receipt of payment from its customer, NGL becomes the assignee of the carrier's collection right upon payment.

7. Each transportation provider or motor carrier shall ensure that all bills of lading are executed, showing its name as the carrier in possession and control of the shipment under the bill of lading contract and NGL's role as a paying agent for the shipper.

8. All cargo claims will be filed by the shipper with the authorized carrier and shall be handled in accordance with general principles of federal transportation law and the terms and conditions of the bill of lading. No release rate shall apply.